Your work for a purpose, not for a company.

After almost 3 years of absence, I found the inspiration and time to sit down again and write again,  and of course, something that I’m passionate about, management.

Work with purpose seems easy, but in the business field, it is easy to lose the way

If for example, if you are a dentist it´s very easy to work with a purpose, you are in direct contact with your clients all the time, you can see their smile satisfaction on their faces once you finish your work, they will give you a big hug and they will be happy, more when your work is esthetic and the result is a significant improvement in the self-esteem pacient

But the picture changes radically when you’re no longer a dentist, but the owner and manager of a giant dentistry service clinic. When you start a project of this size it´s very easy to lose your way. Even though you are still thinking about your clients (patients), other things will want to take their place and you can think that they are more important. Now things like taxes, permits, cash flow, balance sheets, market analysis, advertising, etc. It will begin to flood your thoughts to the point that they will not let you sleep.

It is very normal for a manager to prioritize money, and is ok, without it, the company would die, but remember the title of this issue: You work for a purpose, not for a company. Do not forget that your purpose is your client. Following the example of the dental clinic, your patients, and if you want to go further, your purpose must be their family, their self-esteem, their happiness; because at the end, the perfume of happiness is a good smile.

As I said before, money is important, money must circulate through the company to keep it alive, but to say that the purpose of a company is to generate money is like saying that the purpose of our lives is for blood to circulate through our body.

Just like human beings, we have a purpose in life that we describe, companies also, and it´s an obligation of the management discovery it, define it (the vision) and work for it (The mission)


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